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Left-Right Brain Dominance

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Left-Right Brain Dominance 


The brain is divided into two hemispheres that are connected by a band of nerves called the corpus callosumAlthough both sides work together to perform various human activities, it is believed that the brain has a dominant side and that "left-brained" individuals are more logical and reasonable whereas "right-brained" individuals are more intuitive and perceptive. For this reason, most people argue that one's dominant hemisphere can influence the effectiveness of certain learning styles and strategies. 


Fact or Fiction?

While there is no evidence to support a stronger or more dominant hemisphere, several cognitive processes reflect some degree of lateralization in the brain. Lateralization, also known as hemispheric specialization, is a term used to describe the localization of function within the brain. The left side of the brain is generally quantitative, overseeing things like spoken language and mathematical computations, and the right side of the brain is generally qualitative, overseeing things like emotion in speech or facial expressions. However, though they are concentrated in specific areas, both sides of the brain must cooperate in order to understand and interpret stimuli. Furthermore, because there are traces of lateralized functions in the brain, the appropriate application of a variety of learning techniques that activate both hemispheres could benefit and improve learning.



1. Left Brain vs. Right Brain Theory As popular as this "theory" may be, this article recounts its origins and why it is nothing more than a distorted myth. 

2. Left Brain-Right Brain Dominance Test Granted, brain dominance has been disproved, but this optical illusion is said to determine which side of your brain prevails.

3. Lateralization Study Recent research findings from the University of Utah refute any notion of preferential activity in the brain.

4. What is Lateralization? In this article, the common myth of brain dominance is discredited by the research of cognitive neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga.

5. The Man With Two Brains Joe, one of Gazzaniga's patients, had a corpus callosotomy to cure his epileptic seizures. In this video, he demonstrates the lateralization of the brain.

6. The Importance of Brain Asymmetry This article explains the need for reciprocity between the two hemispheres in the brain.

7. The Costs of Asymmetry This article discusses studies with other species of animals that indicate why, in some situations, having symmetrical brains are more advantageous than lateralized brains.

8. Left-Right Brain Personalities Anthony Carboni divides the truth from the myth in this video.

9. Why The Dominance Myth Will Never Die Even though Michael Gazzaniga's research has invalidated the brain dominance myth, Christian Jarrett reveals why it will never fully go away.

10. Left-Brained vs. Right-Brained Learning Sharyn Gallagher, from the University of Massachusetts, concludes that research in hemispheric specialization promotes the use of new teaching techniques that engage both sides of the brain.


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