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Mnemonics are helpful techniques that aid memory. When you were younger, you learned many mnemonic devices to help you remember information. For example, you learned PEMDAS or Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to learn the Order of Operations. They help us categorize and link complex ideas. They also tend to improve encoding and retrieval of information.

Mnemonics come in a variety of forms such as:


(1)Acronym: making a word out of the first letter of each word on a list

(2)Acrostic: making a sentence using the first letter of each word on a list

        a. Example: King Henry’s Daughter (made/grabbed/licked) Delicious Cherry Muffins (conversion table)


(3)Method of Loci: interacting list of words that need to be memorized with physical locations

        a. Example: Grocery List-milk spilling out of faucet, egg carton couch, ice cream scoop office chair, loaf of bread bed, etc.


(4)Peg Word System: using a rhyming scheme to memorize

        a. Example: In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.


(5)Keyword Method: associating a foreign word with a familiar word in a visual fashion

        a. Example: In Latin, albus means “white”. Albus Dumbledore is a white man (Harry Potter). 





1. Mnemonic Devices

     This page defines as well as gives examples of mnemonic devices.   

2. Enhancing School Success with Mnemonic Strategies

     This article explains the need for mnemonic strategies in schools and how mnemonics help to improve memory.

3. Mnemonics and the Brain

     This articles explains the system the brain uses to process mnemonic information using the frontal cortex.

4. Memory and Mnemonics

     This article explains memory and learning and how mnemonics contribute to enhancing the process.

5. Using Mnemonic to Enhance your Memory

     This page describes ways that mnemonics help enhance your memory and the various types of mnemonics.

6.  Mnemonic Wizards

     This video shows how national competitors compete in the National Championship of Memory using mnemonic devices as their main memorization technique.

7. Memory Improvement Techniques

     This site explains how mnemonic strategies will help improve your memory. It explains how mnemonic devices are used.

8. Types of Mnemonics for Better Memory

     This site shows many different types of mnemonics that can aid memory in a variety of fields of study (i.e., music, name, spelling, science, etc.)

9. Memory and Mnemonic Devices

     This site provides a detailed explanation about mnemonics with relatable examples. 

10. Mnemonic Devices Video

     This video provides information about different types of mnemonics with a how to remember a list of words using organization, bizarre connections, and imagery to enhance memory. 

11. Mnemonic Benefits of Self-Testing 

     This study shows that self-testing increases the chances of performing better on exams. However, students are unaware of the benefits. They rank using mnemonics as number 7 out of 11 as an effective studying strategy. 

12. Analysis of Mnemonic Devices

     This article gives an insightful history about mnemonic devices that includes the benefits, properties, criticisms, and future potential of mnemonic devices.

13. Using Mnemonics for the GRE

     This site is provided by Kaplan Test Prep and shows how mnemonics can be used when taking the GRE. 

14. Teacher Using Mnemonics in Classroom

     This study was conducted by a teacher who implemented mnemonics into her math classroom. Students showed improvement in learning, so the teacher plans to use mnemonics in her other classes.

15. Improving Your Memory

     This site provides an overview about memory including tips, strategies, and other ways to improve memory using mnemonics.

16. Guide to Mnemonics

     This site provides another general overview about mnemonics and includes the effectiveness and practicality of using mnemonics.


This page was created by: Kendra Grant

This page was edited by: Ishita Patel

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