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The term multitasking was used for decades to describe the processing of programs in a computer, but sometime in the late 1990's the phrase became a popular way to describe humans performing more than one task. Human multitasking in has been described by neuroscience as is impossible to do thing. Despite these findings, multitasking is connected to communication era in which we all live--that is, it's not going anywhere. Studies have found that only 2.5 percent of the people are really multitasking. People believe they can perform two or more tasks all together are mythical activity. Many researches find multitasking is waste of time instead of saving time.





               You think you can do four things at once????!!!!!  



The Multitasking Generation

 The research talks about how the youngest generations are continually multitasking.


Multitasking Mother

Evidences show mothers multitask more than father at housework. 


12 reasons to stop multitasking

This site shows reasons why you need rethink about the way you work, socialize and live your life. 12 reason make you stop multitasking.


Think You're Good At Multitasking? Take These Tests

According to Aza Raskin, it's actually impossible to focus on two things at the same time. The key is changing the way you work. A quick test for those who claimed they are multitasking.


How the Brain Keeps Two Tasks at Once

Research shows when you handle more than two tasks at once, will overwhelms the brain system and increase the risk errors.


Video Game Boosts Multitasking Skills

There is a possibility that video games can increase people's ability to multitasks.


Maximize Productivity By Minimizing Multitasking - Video

Life coach Cheryl Hunter  explained when you  multitasking, you actually accomplish less. But the less you do the m more the person will accomplish. 


How to Multitask 

This site gives helpful tips on how to manage multitasking, which in reality is switching from one task to another.


How to STOP Multitask

Peter Bregman provides helpful advice on how to resist the temptation of multitasking.





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Multitasking is defined as the human mind simultaneously attempting to perform as many tasks as possible.The term originally related to computers processing several bits of information at one time. Many researchers suggest that rather than performing several tasks as one time, we are in reality switching from task to task rapidly. It is believed that multitasking can lead to time wasted due to modular differences. These modular differences cause more errors due to insufficient attention to each task. Studies have shown that there is a decrease in performance with even simple tasks when performed at the same time.





Which performance do you think will suffer the most???!!! 



Multitasking Myths 

This site discusses some common myths about multitasking.

The Myth Of Multitasking

Interview with Clifford Nass addresses some myths about multitasking. He says, it is wastes of more time than it saves, and he provides supporting evidence of how multitasking is killing our concentration and creativity too.

Continuous Partial Attention vs. Multitasking  

This site breaks down the difference between partially paying attention and multitasking.


Gender Differences in Multitasking

Who's scoring higher on assessments in regards to multitasking?


Learning to Effectively Perform Multiple Tasks

Pyschologists used 2 subjects to demonstrate how to learn to effectively multitask.


Are You Really Multitasking? 

Researchers say that the brain is not really multitasking, just switching between tasks at a rapid speed.


Multitasking Detrimental to Teens

Jordan Grafman proclaims multitasking can effect analytical skills in teens later in life.


Drop the Blackberry! Multitasking may be harmful

Researchers believe multitaskers retain irrevelent information in short-term memory.


Multitaskers Overestimating Their Abilities

Students are not retaining nearly as much of the lecture as they think they are.


Are Women Better Multitaskers?

According to Professor Keith Laws, women significantly outperformed men in performing several simple tasks.


Why Multitasking Isn't Efficient? 

Researcher's believe multitasking is a myth. The mind is just rapidly switching back from task to task.




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