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Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon

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Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon






What is Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon?


Tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is the subjective feeling that people have of being confident that they know the target word for which they are searching, yet they cannot recall this word. They are somewhat able to recall words of similar sounds and meaning, but never the actual word they are seeking.  TOT is an experience with memory recollection involving difficulty retrieving a well-known word or familiar name.  Tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is one kind of metacognition.  Metacognition is the knowledge and thoughts about one's own cognitive processess, as well as control of those cognitive processes.  People know enough about their memory to know when this phenomenon is present.   

Another term related to this phenomenon is the feeling of knowing, which is the prediction about whether you could correctly recognize the correct answer to a question.  This effect is more conscious meaning one thoughtfully assesses whether one could recognize the answer if one was given several options.





How does this phenomenon happen?


The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is usually an involuntary effect. Most people have experienced this phenomenon many times in their life. The most common reason for why this phenomenon occurs is a retrieval process gone awry. When one experiences this phenomenon it appears that one is having a breakdown in an intermediate stage of lexical retrieval. Lexical retrieval is a search for a desired word in a human's memory storage.



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