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Retrograde Amnesia

Page history last edited by Jessica Uzzo 13 years, 4 months ago

        Amnesia is a disease that causes people to forget items stored in episodic memory. There are two main types of amnesia: anterograde and retrograde though it is possible to have both simultaneously. This page, created by Jessica Uzzo, will focus on retrograde amnesia which causes people to not remember events that happened before damage to the brain. Retrograde amnesia typically results from injury to the temporal lobe of the brain, often in the hippocampus, though it can result from other things. People suffering from this type of amnesia usually retain semantic memory (facts), though episodic memory is lost. For instance a widely used example is that the patient remembers what a piano is but not how to play it. Retrograde amnesia has been portrayed in films such as Mulholland Drive, Anastasia, and Overboard.











Helpful Links 


Explains why retrograde amnesia affects episodic memory and not semantic memory


Video clip from a BBC interview about a man with severe retrograde amnesia


Short biography and an interview with a former NFL player who slipped, hit his head, and lost the previous 46 years of his life


News article about a man who was found beaten behind a Burger King and awoke with no memory of who he was


Scientific article describing a study done that shows the amygdala and β-adrenergic antagonist can induce retrograde amnesia through emotion


Briefly describes possible treatments for amnesia in general


Scholarly article describing several memory tests preformed on retrograde amnesia patients


This article discusses how contextual information can override the effects of damage to the hippocampus which can cause retrograde amnesia


Case study done on a man with retrograde amnesia that showed the positive effects of priming on his amnesia


Site that discusses the difference of portrayal of amnesia in movies and real life amnesia

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